Perfect Attendance and In Uniform photoBell Schedule

Full Day Programs

Daily: 8:00 am-2:40 pm

2-hour delay: 10:00-2:40 pm 

Early Dismissal: 8:00 am-11:40 pm

Half-Day Programs

AM Session: 8:00 am-10:30 am

PM Session: 12:00 pm -2:30 pm

Uniform Policy 

Lakewood Elementary School is a Baltimore City Public School that wears uniforms. 

Top: White polo shirt

Bottoms: Navy blue pants, skort, skirt with shorts/leggings 

Shoes: Sneakers, tennis shoes (we are very active and all scholars' feet MUST be fully covered for safety)

Attendance Policy 

We believe in fully educating our scholars and they require engagement in our curriculum that builds upon daily interactions. Please enter for the day to begin upon the morning bell, and pick up upon the final bell. We work and learn up to the last minute of the day and one or two minutes of missing a routine, academic work session hinders scholars' engagement and growth.

We want to see you DAILY!

Illness/Early Dismissal Policy 

Q: What happens if my scholar is sick?

A: Illness does occur. Please follow our district policy on when to send your scholar to school. 

  • Please follow Baltimore City Public Schools District policy on illness. 
  • Please inform your scholar's teacher.
  • Upon returning to school, please send in a doctor's note for the absence to be marked as an "excused* absence."  

Access a copy of Illness when to stay home.pdf policy. 

Access an Example of Absent Letter.pdf.

*excused absences are still counted toward total absences

Q: What happens if I have to pick my scholar up before the final bell?

A: We discourage early pick-ups as much as possible due to wanting our scholars present for all academics BUT we also know that doctor's appointment openings are sometimes hard to get. 

  • Please inform your scholar's teacher and office beforehand with written note 
  • Please sign your scholar out at the main office and wait for a staff member to bring your scholar to the main office
  • Please bring in an excusal note the next day from the appointment

We do track every early dismissal as per Baltimore City Public Schools policies. If you arrive a few minutes before our final bell, please wait to pick up your scholar at the appropriate spot at 2:40 when the bell rings.